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Randolph E. Bank
Philip E. Gill
Michael Holst

Administrative Contact:
Juan Rodriguez

Office: AP&M 7409
Phone: (858)534-9056
Fax: (858)534-5273
E-mail: jcr009@ucsd.edu
CCoM and CSME Events

Time/Place: CCoM and CSME Seminars are usually 11am Tuesdays or Thursdays in AP&M 2402 (unless listed otherwise). Both seminar series are open to the campus, and we normally have people from a number of different departments from across the campus attending both series.

Mailing Lists: Announcements for the seminars are sent out a few days before the lectures to the campus-wide CCOM-L and CSME-L mailing lists. To self-subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing lists, use the following links:
March 3
CCoM Seminar
(Tuesday, 11:00am, AP&M 2402)
Speaker: Dr. Ali Behzadan, Department of Mathematics, UCSD
Title: On a generalized version of the Babuska-Lax-Milgram theorem
February 25
CCoM Seminar
(Tuesday, 11:00am, AP&M 2402)
Speaker: Matthias Morzfeld, UCSD
Title: What is Bayesian inference, why is it useful in Earth science and why is it challenging to do numerically?
January 21
CCoM Seminar
(Tuesday, 11:00am, AP&M 2402)
Speaker: Jiawang Nie, UCSD
Title: Computation with Tensors
January 14
CCoM Seminar
(Tuesday, 11:00am, AP&M 2402)
Speaker: Zirui Zhang, UCSD
Title: The Binary Level Set Method in Variational Implicit Solvation Model with Applications to Protein Binding
January 7
CCoM Seminar
(Tuesday, 11:00am, AP&M 2402)
Speaker: Jinchao Xu, Penn State University
Title: Deep Learning and Multigrid Methods
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