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Modeling calcium dynamics in cardiac myocytes: stochasticvs deterministic approaches

Zeyun Yu
Mathematics Department, UCSD


There are basically two fundamental problems regarding calciumdynamics in cardiac myocytes. One is the calcium release and the otheris the calcium propagation. The first problem is related to the localcalcium dynamics and occurs in a very small area called dyads thatconsist of cell (or T-tubular) membrane, junctional sarcoplasmicreticulum (jSR) membrane, and associated channels (proteins). Due tothe very small number of calcium ions existing in this area, thestochastic methods have been proved to be more appropriate for thisparticular problem. On the other hand, the calcium propagation iseffective at the cell-wide level, hence the PDE-based deterministicapproaches are used to model how calcium concentration dynamicallychanges inside the cell and causes the cell contraction.I will give some background on the modeling problems and talk aboutthe previous work on how to tackle these two problems using bothstochastic and deterministic approaches.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
11:00AM AP&M 2402