MC Software (Developed by Michael Holst and Collaborators)

The Center for Computational Mathematics is home to a number of high-quality mathematical software packages which have been designed, developed, and maintained by members of the Center. In 1994 I started working on an adaptive multilevel finite element software package called MC, and on a number of interrelated libraries and tools which are designed to be used with MC; we informally refer to these libraries and tools as the Finite Element ToolKit, or FETK for short. FETK has been used successfully for various complex physical simulations in general relativity, biophysics, and geometry.

Together with some colleagues, I maintain a separate FETK website for distributing MC and the other components of FETK. Follow the FETK website link above for more information about the various components of FETK. If you are a user of Randy Bank's PLTMG and are looking for SG, you will find everything you need on the FETK website. If you are a student or colleague looking for the MCLite finite element teaching tool, you will also find what you are looking for on the FETK website.

Geometry FETK itself was developed beginning in 1994 in collaboration with friends and colleagues using personal time and equipment, and since 1994 we have released this software publicly in source form under the GNU GPL to have maximum positive impact on the scientific community. However, my publicly funded research sometimes involves writing additional software (FETK extensions) that use the FETK libraries to solve specific research problems; an example of this is the GPDE package described here. As a UC employee I cannot distribute this additional software on my webpage due to current UC Copyright Policy. However, if you are an academic researcher interested in the extensions I have written for FETK to solve geometric PDE and other problems, please contact me.

Here is some other freely redistributable software I have worked on:
  • PMG is a non-adaptive algebraic multilevel code for nonlinear scalar PDEs in 2D and 3D.
    (PMG is now included in the PUNC library in FETK.)
  • CgCode is a package of conjugate gradient-type methods for solving linear systems.
    (CgCode code is now included in the PUNC library in FETK.)
Here is some other useful stuff:
  • bench.c is a simple benchmark code for sparse-matrix-vector operations.
  • typechk.c determines the 32-bit or 64-bit ANSI C-API of your platform.
  • skeysh is an extended S/key authentication shell.
  • Win32 gzip.
  • Win32 tar.
  • Win32 generic utilities.
  • Win32 ssh putty client (gui).
  • Win32 ssh cmdline client (for tunneling).
  • Win32 ssh IMAP tunnel script (can be modified for POP2/POP3/APOP).
  • Information on the LiveGraphics3D applet on the right can be found here.
Tests for plugins:
  • To test JAVA plugin, use the mouse to manipulate the 3D object that appears an inch above this line. 2D
  • To test a PDF plugin click here.
  • To test a Flash plugin click here.
Other links:
  • A distribution area for people working with me on papers and software can be found here.
  • Doug Arnold's cool Moebius video can be found at YouTube.