FRG Workshop 10 at UCSD (January 13-17, 2018)

This Tenth FRG Workshop is a bit unusual; we are running it as a larger workshop than have been typical for our FRG workshops, due to being able to take advantage of visitors attending the Joint AMS-SIAM Meetings in San Diego during January 8-12.

The UCSD-based leg of the FRG Team organized a minisymposium as part of the Joint Meetings, to be held as part of the larger meeting on January 12 in downtown San Diego. Some of the participants will then come up to UCSD for a 4-day workshop on campus that will run from January 13-16.

Rather than post the information and schedule in two separate places, we will put a single link below to the page that describes the details of both activities, which we are calling GPDE18.