FRG Workshop 11 at UCSD (July 15-31, 2019)

An 11th and Final FRG Workshop will be held at the Center for Computational Mathematics within the UCSD Mathematics Department. Information about the Workshop for the FRG participants and guests will be assembled and continually updated on this page.

Everyone seems to have hotel and travel set up, but if not let [ Michael Holst ] know and he can try to help.

The talks and discussions will be held in either Michael Holst's mathematics department office (5161 APM), or in the CCoM Conference Room (5839 APM), or in a seminar room in CASS (the SERF building at UCSD). The schedule each day will denote which of the three locations the talk and/or discussion for that day will be held.

  • Michael Holst (UCSD, Mathematics and Physics)
  • David Maxwell (Alaska, Mathematics)
  • Gantumur Tsogtgerel (McGill, Mathematics)
  • Ryan Szypowski (Cal Poly, Mathematics)
  • Ali Behzadan (UCSD, Project Scientist)
  • Martin Licht (UCSD, Postdoc)
  • Yuwen Li (UCSD, Postdoc)


Friday July 18
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Planning for the Coming Week (Holst)
Monday July 22
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Regularity Estimates for Rough Data in GR (Holst, Behzadan, Tsogtgerel)
Tuesday July 23
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Prospects for Solution Theory for Drift and Related Systems (Holst, Behzadan, Tsogtgerel)
Wednesday July 24
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: An Lp Theory for FEEC (Holst, Li, Tsogtgerel)
Thursday July 25
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Approximation Classes in the FEEC (Holst, Licht, Tsogtgerel)
Friday July 26
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Convergence of FEEC for PDE on Surfaces (Holst, Li, Licht)
Monday July 29
  • Morning: Coffee/Brainstorm (All)
  • Afternoon: Wrap-up Discussions from Previous Week (All)
  • Evening: Workshop Dinner in La Jolla (All)