JMM 2018 Minisymposium @ SDCC (January 12, 2018)
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Workshop: GR + FEEC @ UCSD (January 13-16, 2018)

During January 12-16, 2018, the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCoM) at UCSD is hosting a mini-workshop on Geometric Partial Differential Equations, General Relativity, and Finite Element Exterior Calculus. This is the third workshop in the series; the first workshop (GPDE2011) was held at UCSD in Fall 2011 in conjunction with the SIAM Conference on Analysis of PDE. The second workshop (GPDE2013) was held at UCSD in January 2013 in conjunction with the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Similarly, this third workshop in the series will be held at UCSD during January 13-16, in conjunction with a two-part minisymposium on January 12 at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which are being held at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC) in Downtown San Diego during January 8-13, 2018.

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Fri Jan 12: JMM 2018 Minisymposium (SDCC)

      James Dilts, University of California, San Diego, USA
      Michael Holst, University of California, San Diego, USA

Title: AMS Special Session on Mathematical Relativity and Geometric Analysis

General relativity describes how our universe interacts with gravity on scales ranging from laboratories to galaxy clusters. With the recent direct detection of gravitational waves by LIGO, understanding the mathematical underpinnings of this powerful physical theory is more important than ever. The field draws tools from differential geometry, topology and differential equations, among other fields. There has been significant recent progress towards some of the most important conjectures in mathematical relativity, such as both strong and weak cosmic censorship, nonlinear stability of black hole spacetimes and the parameterization of initial data. In return, results motivated by relativity have played key roles in the proofs of geometric questions, as in the famous resolution of the Yamabe problem. In this session, we will discuss these and related problems.

Part I: Friday, January 12, 8:00am-10:45am, Room 31A, Upper Level, SDCC
Part II: Friday, January 12, 1:00pm-5:50pm, Room 30D, Upper Level, SDCC

Schedule of talks: The schedule of JMM talks on Friday for both Part I and Part II can be found [ here ]

Sat Jan 13 - Wed Jan 16: GR + FEEC @ UCSD

      James Dilts, University of California, San Diego, USA
      Michael Holst, University of California, San Diego, USA

Title: Workshop on General Relativity and Finite Element Exterior Calculus

The role of geometry in the development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations has grown dramatically over the last two decades. Surface finite element methods have emerged to require a more sophisticated geometric analysis than provided by the Strang Lemmas, and mixed finite elements have been found to have deep connections with the calculus of exterior differential forms, de Rham cohomology and Hodge theory, culminating in the development of finite element exterior calculus. During the same period, Numerical Relativity has emerged and matured to become central to the success of the LIGO Project and similar gravitational wave science efforts. There is an ongoing effort to connect these two fields and communities in order to leverage some of the recent developments in FEEC, and in this minisymposium we will examine potential problem areas for collaboration.

Location: 2402 AP&M on the UCSD campus.
See the "Practical Information" link on the left of this page for maps.
The AP&M Building is normally locked on weekends and Holidays (Monday is a UCSD Holiday). However, we will email an entry code for the building and the 2402 room to all participants prior to Saturday.

Day/Time: The main workshop day will be Saturday Jan 13; a slightly smaller group will stay for additional talks on Monday Jan 15. There will be a yet smaller group staying for some additional discussions on Tuesday Jan 16. The meeting room will also be available for use on Sunday Jan 14, although we will not schedule talks that day.

Schedule of talks: The schedule is posted [ here ]