FRG Workshop 2 at UCSD (February 21-22, 2014)

The Second FRG Workshop will be held at the Center for Computational Mathematics within the UCSD Mathematics Department. Information about the Workshop for FRG participants will be assembled and continually updated on this page.

Everyone seems to have hotel and travel set up, but if not let [ Michael Holst ] know and he can try to help.

Regarding the meeting room, Michael has reserved the CCoM medium-sized group meeting room for both Friday and Saturday. It is 2402A AP&M, which is the same building that houses the entire math department, as well as CCoM and the Holst group. Jim Isenberg also has a permanent office in AP&M.

  • Rafe Mazzeo
  • David Maxwell
  • Jim Isenberg
  • Michael Holst
  • Ali Behzadan (UCSD student)
  • Caleb Meier (UCSD postdoc)
  • James Dilts (Oregon student)
  • Jeremy Leach (Stanford student)


Friday February 21 (APM 2402A)
  • 10:00a-11:30a: David (review and update on "all methods same" paper)
  • 01:30p-02:30p: Rafe (survey, and some discussion of Premoselli et al)
  • 03:00p-04:00p: Ali (far-CMC in the case of AE and rough data)
Saturday February 22 (APM 2402A)
  • 10:30a-12:00p: David (connections to densitized-lapse ADM action)
  • 01:45p-03:30p: Short talk session:
             Jeremy (far-CMC in the case of cylindrical ends)
             Caleb (far-CMC in the case of AE and black holes)
             James (Yamabe classification, Limit equation)
             Jim (open problems of interest: far-CMC and negative Yamabe, other)
  • 04:00p-05:00p: Rafe, then leading us into Wrap-Up Discussion