Math 273B (Scientific Computation)

Course Topics: Computational Mathematics
Instructor: Prof. Michael Holst (5739 AP&M,
Term: Winter 2006
Lecture: 1:00p-1:50p MWF, APM 5829
Textbook(s): D. Braess, Finite Elements: Theory, fast solvers, and applications in solid mechanics, 2nd edition, 2001.
Class webpage:

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: 273A-B-C. Scientific Computation (4-4-4)
Continuum mechanics models of physical and biological systems, finite element methods and approximation theory, complexity of iterative methods for linear and nonlinear equations, continuation methods, adaptive methods, parallel computing, and scientific visualization. Project-oriented; theoretical and software development projects designed around problems of current interest in science and engineering. Prerequisite: experience with Matlab and C, some background in numerical analysis, or consent of instructor. (F,W,S)

GRADES, EXAMS, DATES: Your grade in the course is based on your project and your 20-minute project presentation during the time of the final.
  • Final: Tuesday 21 March 2006. (20-minute project presentations.)
  • First lecture: Monday 9 January 2006.
  • Last lecture: Friday 17 March 2006.
  • Finals week: 20-25 March 2006.