Southern California Optimization Day Scientific Program

All talks will take place in Room 2402 (the CCoM Lecture Room) in AP&M (the Applied Physics and Mathematics Building) on the UCSD campus. For directions to the AP&M Building on the UCSD campus, navigate over to the maps on the practical information page.)

Each speaker will be allotted 30 minutes for setup + the talk itself + questions and answers. Plan to limit your talk to no more than 25 minutes to allow time for setup and a question or two.

Speakers using computer generated talks: Please verify prior to your session that your laptop communicates correctly with the projector. Speakers should begin connecting their laptops to the projector during the question period of the speaker immediately preceeding their talk. Whenever possible, speakers from each session should collect talks onto a single laptop to minimize setup delays. Blackboards, chalk, and overhead transparancy projectors are also available.

Coffee, tea, sodas, and light snacks (bagels, etc) will be available before the morning sessions starting at 8am, and during the morning coffee break. These will be served in Room 2402A of the APM Building, located immediately adjacent to the Lecture Room.

A printable version of the program below may be found [ here ].

Friday, May 23, 2014   

Session I (Chair: Philip Gill, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End
Registration (and emergency coffee for those in need) 8:15 9:00
Philip Gill UC San Diego Welcome and Announcements 9:00 9:15
Emre Mengi KoƧ University,Istanbul Numerical Optimization of Eigenvalues of Hermitian Matrix-Valued Functions 9:15 9:45
Daniel Robinson Johns Hopkins University A Trust-Funnel Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization 9:45 10:15
Tove Odland KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm A general Krylov method for solving symmetric systems arising in optimization 10:15 10:45
Coffee/Snack Break in 2402A AP&M (30 minutes) 10:45 11:15

Session II (Chair: Daniel Robinson, Johns Hopkins University)

Name Organization Talk Begin End
Yu-hong Dai Chinese Academy of Sciences Models for Computing Several Extreme Eigenpairs of Real Symmetric Matrices 11:15 11:45
Henry Wolkowicz University of Waterloo Relaxations of Graph Partitioning and Vertex Separator Problems using Continuous Optimization 11:45 12:15
Lunch (1 hour 15 minutes) 12:15 1:30

Session III (Chair: Jiawang Nie, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End
Pooriya Beyhaghi UC San Diego New Efficient and Provably-Convergent Surrogate-Based Methods for Global Optimization via High-Performance Computing 1:30 2:00
Xin Liu Chinese Academy of Sciences A Gauss-Newton Method for Low Rank Matrix Approximation 2:00 2:30
Joshua Griffin SAS Institute, Inc. A Nonlinear Regression Perspective on a Primal-Dual Augmented Lagrangian 2:30 3:00
Daniele Cavaglieri UC San Diego Real-time Constrained Nonlinear Optimization for Maximum Power Take-off of a Wave Energy Converter 3:00 3:30
Coffee/Snack Break in 2402A AP&M (30 minutes) 3:30 4:00

Session IV (Chair: Philip Gill, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End
David Mateos-Nunez UC San Diego Distributed Online Convex Optimization Over Jointly-Connected Digraphs 4:00 4:30
Anders Forsgren KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Optimization of Radiation Therapy 4:30 5:00

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