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Interest Groups

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, groups that will be meeting virtually, except those designated with a " * ".  For more information regarding meetings or Zoom links, please email the listed group contact and Oceanids Newsletter for more information.

Interest Groups are the backbone of our Oceanids organization.  They are here to meet the many varied needs of UC San Diego families, especially those new to our campus and community.  If you don't find an activity you would like to participate in, please contact the Interest Group Coordinator, Judy Vacquier, jvacq@sbcglobal.net.  If five or more Oceanids wish to start a new group, please let her know so we can inform other members.  All we ask is that your members be Oceanids. If you are not yet a member of Oceanids, please consider joining us by contacting Mary Cutchin, marycutchin@yahoo.com or by submitting a membership form. (For specific activities for the current month, consult the current newsletter.)

Note to Interest Group Leaders:  All events outside of the University must be registered.  Please see instructions and links here.


  Avi Set Birders Book Group Cafe Espanol
Cafe Francais Cinema Soiree * Day Bridge
* Evening Bridge German Kaffeeklatsch * Gracious Aging
  * Gourmet Group * Hiking In & Around SD
  * Museum Friends * Moveable Feast I *Moveable Feast II
    Piano and Chamber Soiree  
  Sounding Board *Tapas on Thursday Wednesday Coffee
  * Wine Tasting I Wine Tasting II * Wits II
Cellphone Photography
Gardening with California Native Plants Boogie Board Buddies

We will be highlighting our various Interest Groups throughout this year, with brief descriptions and happenings, as well as pictures.  A new group will be added, so check the site often.  Check us out at:  InterestHighlights.htm


Avi Set Birders                                                                        Top

Contacts:  Liz Winant, lwinant@gmail.com

Our birding group meets promptly at 10am, the second Monday of each month during the academic year.  The La Jolla group will meet at the corner of Dunaway Drive and Glenwick Place in La Jolla.  For North County birders, please contact one of the above names for meeting location.  Birders carpool from these locations to sites around the county.  Members will be called or e-mailed. 

Boogie Board Buddies                                                           Top

Contact:  Liz Fong Wills, ludditelizfong@gmail.com

If you love boogie boarding and are interested in joining us we gather on certain sunny Saturday or Sunday mornings at 11am at La Jolla Shores.  Please contact Liz if you are interested and for specific details.

Book Group                                                                              Top

Contacts:  Janet Goff, janetrgoff@hotmail.com, Liz Winant, lwinant@gmail.com

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 9:30am for chatting and 10:00am for review.  Everyone is welcome; we are happy to greet new members who like to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction and who value good writing and a lively discussion.  Please join us!

At the moment, we Zoom meet on the second Tuesday morning of every month at 10am.

Cafe Espanol                                                                           Top

Contact:  Beate Menzel, jrblmenzel@sbcglobal.net , Vicky Lindblade, vlindblade@mac.com

This conversation group is designed for fluent Spanish speakers who wish to keep up their Spanish and learn new vocabulary.  We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 2pm. One hour of conversation and one hour of reading aloud and group discussion.  Please contact us for more information.

Currently meeting virtually.

Cafe Francais                                                                          Top

Contact:  Anne-France Saillot, af.saillot@gmail.com

French speakers at various levels of fluency are welcome into this group, which meets monthly at members' homes to practice the language.  Please contact us for more information.

Currently meeting via Zoom.  

Cellphone Photograpy                                                             Top

Contact:  Kim Signoret-Paar,kspaar@outlook.com

The group meets at a designated home on the second Thursday of each month at 11am for discussion and sharing of our cellphone photographs.  Activities, such as field trips, will be communicated to the group's email list.  For more information, please contact Kim.

Currently meeting via Zoom.

Cinema Soiree                                                                          Top

Contact:  Katie Boyer, ktpb@san.rr.com

The group meets at a designated home on the second Sunday of each month (all year long) at 7pm for socializing; movie discussion starts at 7:30pm sharp.  Light refreshments will be served.  You will be contacted by e-mail about which movie to see and where to meet.  For more information, please contact Roswitha.

Currently watching movies on Netflix or Prime and meeting via Zoom.

Day Bridge                                                                             Top

Contact:  Beate Menzel, jrblmenzel@sbcglobal.net

We meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month all year long at various members' homes.  We start at 10am and usually end at 3pm.  Everyone brings her/his own lunch.  The hostess will provide drinks.  Please contact us for more information.

On hiatus until University allows indoor meetings.

Evening Bridge                                                                         Top

Contact:  Barbara Bank, bbank@ucsd.edu

Evening Bridge for couples meet at 7:00pm on the fourth Saturday of the month all year long at members' homes.  If you wish to play on a regular basis, or just occasionally, please contact Barbara.

On hiatus until University allows indoor meetings.

German Kaffeeklatsch                                                             Top

Contact:  Roswitha Enright, renright@ucsd.edu

This group is for beginners and experienced German speakers alike.  Guaranteed no pressure.  Just come on the third Tuesday at 3- 4:30pm and have a good time.  Only German is spoken.  If you would like to join, please contact Roswitha.

Currently meeting via Zoom.  Please contact Jim Bunch if you are interested in joining.

Gourmet Group                                                                        Top

Contact:  Susan Starr, susanstarr1@gmail.com

This is a group for those who like to try cooking new things.  We meet several times a year, at members' homes, and each person brings an assigned dish or course.  Please contact us for more information.

Hiking In and Around San Diego County                               Top

Contact:  Jim Bunch, jbunch@ucsd.edu

We meet at 8:30am on the second Saturday of each month from October to May or June at the La Jolla Village Shopping Center parking lot and carpool to the starting point of the hike.  Bring a lunch, plenty of fluids, sturdy shoes and sun protection!  Friends and family are invited.  Contact Roswitha the week before the hike if you would like to join us.

Moveable Feast I                                                                     Top

Contact:  Liz Fong Wills, ludditelizfongwills@gmail.com

This dining out group is currently at capacity.  If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact Liz.

On hiatus.

Moveable Feast II                                                                    Top

Contacts:  Mary Cutchin, marycutchin@yahoo.com

This group meets every other month for drinks at a member's house.  From there we carpool to the restaurant.  Please contact Mary for information and reservations.

On hiatus.

Piano and Chamber Soiree                                                      Top

Contact:  Judy Vacquier, jvacq@sbcglobal.net

This interest group is for amateurs who need a motivation to practice and want to perform in a relaxed, fun setting among friends.  We welcome piano, chamber instruments and voice, classical, jazz and popular music, solos and ensembles.  We usually meet on the third or fourth Sunday at 3pm.  Please contact Judy for more information

Currently meeting via Zoom.

Sounding Board                                                                       Top

Contact:  Nellie High-Iredale, nellie@nelliehigh.com

Oceanids and friends of the University meet at the Faculty Club, convene in a specially designated room to eat lunch and listen to fascinating speakers, usually on the first Thursday of the month.  We meet for lunch at 12pm, the speaker is introduced at 12:20 and is over by 1:15pm.  You can be sure of a lively discussion.  Please visit Sounding Board for more details. 

Tapas on Thursday                                                                  Top

Contact:  Barbara Bank, bbank@ucsd.edu

This is a new interest group. We meet at noon on the third Thursday of the month to enjoy tapas and conversation. Depending on the number of members at the monthly gathering either half or all the attendees bring tapas to share. We have enjoyed new and delicious treats and best of all enjoyed the delightful company of fellow Oceanids. If you would like to join our group, please contact the chairperson. 

On hiatus.

Wednesday Coffee                                                                  Top

Contacts:  Georgina Sham, gbsham@gmail.com, Lynn Jahn, lynnjahn@gmail.com, Marie Perroud, marieperroud@yahoo.fr

Join our social group of Oceanids, Friends of the International Center, Newcomers, spouses of visiting scholars and some of their children for crafts, games, and/or exercise, and coffee and refreshments every Wednesday, 10 a.m. – 12 noon in UC409 Dance Hall. You’ll make friends and learn strange and wonderful customs from all over the world.

Then, visit the Kitchen Exchange where newcomers can rent kitchen, household and baby equipment for a small fee.  For more infomation regarding Newcomers or the Kitchen Exchange, please contact:  Liz Fong-Wills, ludditelizfongwills@gmail.com

On hiatus.

Wine Tasting I                                                                          Top

Contact:  Alicia Flores Meneses, virginiacisne@yahoo.com

Exploring the taste sensations of a new wine or an old vintage, this group meets the third Friday monthly.  Members rotate as hosts. This group is now open to new members.  Please contact Alicia for more information.

Currently meeting second Fridays via Zoom.

Wine Tasting II                                                                        Top

Contact:  Barbara Scholz, bscholz@hotmail.com

We meet monthly.  Members rotate as hosts.  The cost for wine and food is shared among the people attending, approximately $10 per person.  Please contact Barbara for more information.

Ourrently meeting second Fridays via Zoom.

WITS II                                                                                     Top

Contacts:  Bev Douglas, jddouglas@ucsd.edu

We meet the 4th Wednesday of the month, 3:30pm - 5pm, at various members' homes all year long.  We study companies using the NAIC stock investment guides in order to increase our financial understand and competence.  Come visit us!  Contact us for more information.

On hiatus.

New:  Gardening with California Native Plants                              Top

Contact:  Judy Vacquier, jvacq@sbcglobal.net

Have you been thinking about switching your garden to native plants and want some help learning what's available, and how to make the switch?  This interest group will meet monthluy to visit native poant gardens and nurseries, and we will share references and information as we learn about all the ways we can attract hummingbirds and other birds, butterflies, native bees and other native insects and help the environment and save water at the same time.  Native plants are becoming widely available in nurseries and you can make small, gradual changes in your garden to natives.  Contact Judy if you would like to join.

Currently meeting via Zoom.