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Who Are We?

Oceanids is a University of California, San Diego organization and support group promoting friendship and services to the UC San Diego community.  Oceanids is open to all who are interested in UC San Diego as well as faculty, staff and active members of campus support groups and their spouses.  In particular, we shall:

Oceanids service activities include:  Undergraduate service awards, graduate fellowships, Friday Cafe, Kitchen & Baby Equipment Exchange and other service projects.  The Newcomers group welcomes and assists new members to the UC San Diego community throughout the academic year.  For more information on Newcomers, contact Liz Wills, (858) 454-6858. 

Our annual events include:  Fall Welcome Lunch, Holiday Party, Whale Watching , Desert Camping, Museum Bus Trip, Campus Focus, Theater Fund Raiser and Spring Luncheon, just to mention a few.

Interest Groups are the backbone of our Oceanids organization.  They are here to meet the many varied needs of our UC San Diego families.  If you are interested in book clubs, day trips, bird watching, practicing your French or German, wine tasting, playing bridge, join us.  For a more complete list and description of our groups, click on Interest Groups.


If you are a University scholar, researcher, staff member, visiting guest of the University or a person interested in being part of a vibrant University community, you are invited to join us.  We are located in the UC San Diego International Center.  For more information, please contact oceanids@ucsd.edu, or download a membership application and/or a donation form.

Renewing Members

If you would like to renew your Oceanids membership, download a renewal membership form and follow the instructions listed on the form.

President's Message    

As we come to the end of 2021 I wish you all very happy holidays and a good New Year. Even though this year has been easier in many ways it has been very frustrating that Oceanids has again not been able to come together in person as in normal times, although I am delighted that many of our interest groups have managed to meet either virtually or in person. It was wonderful that and some of us were able to gather in Balboa Park for a wonderful tour of the newly reopened Mingei Museum.



With all good wishes and hope for a better year in 2022!

Nigella Hillgarth, President, Oceanids,

Want to learn more about Nigella? - Visit page 10 of our October newsletter.

  Special Announcements


UCSD Covid Rules

(updated every Wednesday)



Masking is encouraged but not required


All must wear masks.  Fully vaccinated may remove masks when eating and drinking.  The unvaccinated may remove masks when eating and drinking when physically distanced from others.

Off Campus:

San Diego County Covid rules apply.  Masks are recommended for all indoor public settings.  Masks are required on public transportation, indoors, K-12 settings, senior centers, healthcare settings, detention centers and homeless shelters.


Oceanids Interest Group News

Zooming On Hiatus
Book Group Daytime Bridge
Cellphone Photography Couples Bridge
Cinema Soiree Newcomer Activities
(on campus)
Gardening with California Native Plants Kitchen Exchange
(on campus)
Piano Soiree Moveable Feast I & II
(Zooming in the Fall)
Wine Tasting I & II Gourmet Group
Cafe Francais Hiking
Sounding Board Wednesday Coffee
  Tapas on Thursday



UCSD Oceanids Board 2021-2022

  President Nigella Hillgarth
  Immediate Past President Kim Signoret-Paar
  President-Elect TBD
  First Vice President Kim Signoret-Paar
  Second Vice President (membership) Mary Cutchin
  Recording Secretary Mary Hanson
  Treasurer Jim Bunch
Financial Secretary Liz Winant
  Nominating Committee* Jan Ouren (continuing), Steve Leon, Judy Vacquier, Liz Bonkowsky, Beate Menzel, Roswitha Enright



Oceanids' Gallery of Arts and Crafts

As our Oceanids' membership includes many artists, we are offering Oceanids members an opportunity to show and share their creations. We encourage you to submit one of your art works, along with a short bio of yourself, to be published in our newsletter--available online to members and the public.

To exhibit your work, please send a .jpg of your work and a short bio to jouren5353@gmail.com.



San Diego Independent Scholars (SDIS) Lecture Series 

"American Citizens as Survivors of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb: Adding a Chapter to the History of the United States"

Dr. Gloria R. Montebruno Saller

Saturday, September 18, 2021

1:30 pm via Zoom


For information, contact sandiegoindependentscholars@gmail.com

For more information about SDIS, visit www.sdscholars.org

(SDIS  Meetings are normally held at 1:30pm on the third Saturday of the month, Room 111A, Chancellor's Complex, are now meeting via Zoom)




Future of UCSD Campus

On May 26, 2019, the online version of the San Diego Union Tribune featured an article on the future of UCSD.  Follow the link,


Be sure to click on the interactive image for additional details.  (Note:  There is a limited amount of free access to the online paper, but a subscription will be required once you have exceeded that limit.)





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