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Note:  Oceanids News will be available ONLY on-line, beginning with the October/November 2017 issue.


Who Are We?

Oceanids is a University of California, San Diego organization and support group promoting friendship and services to the UC San Diego community.  Oceanids is open to all who are interested in UC San Diego as well as faculty, staff and active members of campus support groups and their spouses.  In particular, we shall:

Oceanids service activities include:  Undergraduate service awards, graduate fellowships, Friday Cafe, Kitchen & Baby Equipment Exchange and other service projects.  The Newcomers group welcomes and assists new members to the UC San Diego community throughout the academic year.  For more information on Newcomers, contact Liz Wills, (858) 454-6858. 

Our annual events include:  Fall Welcome Lunch, Holiday Party, Whale Watching , Desert Camping, Museum Bus Trip, Campus Focus, Theater Fund Raiser and Spring Luncheon, just to mention a few.

Interest Groups are the backbone of our Oceanids organization.  They are here to meet the many varied needs of our UC San Diego families.  If you are interested in book clubs, day trips, bird watching, practicing your French or German, wine tasting, playing bridge, join us.  For a more complete list and description of our groups, click on Interest Groups.


If you are a University scholar, researcher, staff member, visiting guest of the University or a person interested in being part of a vibrant University community, you are invited to join us.  We are located in the UC San Diego International Center.  For more information, please contact oceanids@ucsd.edu, or download a membership application.


President's Message

Magical Mystery Tour

 My magical mystery tour is almost at an end. I’ve served as your president for two years and am now turning over the organization to Kim Signoret-Paar. For me, without deep roots here, it has been a mysterious two years. As one not-anticipated issue after another arose, I’ve had to hunt for the correct contact to help solve our problems. And just when I have established good relations with the right person, poof – off they go to a different position or different university. Sigh. Happily, Kim is an inside player with years of experience in the UCSD administration. She knows who is who, what the offices really are, where to find those obscure bank accounts. I think it will be wonderful to have her as your president.

 The magical part comes first of all from my admiration for the Oceanids officers and volunteers. Good things happen automatically – or so it seems: the newsletter is published, membership rolls are kept up to date, awards are given out, the Sounding Board enthralls us each month and the Kitchen Exchange operates. The interest groups have lives of their own and run along to the enjoyment of many of us. I never had to worry about what happens behind the scenes – certainly a lot of work and thought – because things ran smoothly. You are very lucky in the talented and dedicated people who keep Oceanids on a steady path.

 The other magic is the good Oceanids does in the university community. You frequently see mention in the newsletters of the students who have been awarded grants and awards. You have met some of them at our get-togethers. They are truly inspiring students and our awards mean a lot to them – just listen to them thank us. Our Newcomers events and our Kitchen Exchange touch a whole different swath of students who come as very talented people but nonetheless strangers here. We make life in the USA more comprehensible and show them friendship and relationships with real people through the programs we and the Friends support.

 We have taken the resources from our donations and fund raisers and put them to good use. Sometimes, it seems they are multiplied – and it is the Oceanid members who are the multipliers through their volunteer activities to expand the good. You know the moral: give to the Oceanids and your donation will do a world of good across a broad spectrum. And special thanks to those who also are able to donate time to make our funds go even further.

 I leave the presidency with great appreciation for all the Oceanids does for others. I will never forget the capable people I have worked with and will continue to enjoy the on-going programs and friendships.

 Keep it up and enjoy!


      Liz Bonkowsky, President, Oceanids, lizbonkowsky@yahoo.com


  Special Announcements




Oceanids Board

2017 - 2018


President:     Kim Signoret-Paar

President-Elect:     TBD

First Vice Presidents:     Chris Chase,  Olivia Dorman

Second Vice President:     Mary Cutchin (membership)

Recording Secretary:     Mary Hanson

Treasurer:     Jim Bunch

Co-Financial Secretaries:     Liz Winant, Kim Signoret-Paar

Nominating Committee* :     Diana Vines (cont.), Maxine Bloor (alt.), Judy Vacquier, Jim Chase


*Two addiitional Board Members to be elected at the June Board Meeting



Newcomers and Friends of the International Center Invite you to


July 4th Celebration


Martin Johnson House

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

8840 Biological Grade

La Jolla


Free Parking

at UCSD Lots P011 through P014


$6/adult; $3/children 2 -10; Infants free


Registration MUST be made by Wednesday, June 28, 2017


at Eventbrite: 



For more information, contact Georgina at gbsham@gmail.com or Lynn at lynnjahn@gmail.com




Oceanid's Kitchen Exchange Needs Your Help!


Temporary and long term helpers needed.  Come and have fun and meet interesting peope from around the world!


If you are interested, please contact Liz Fong Wills, ludditelizfong@gmail.com or Jim Chase, jim.chase1@cox.net




Faculty Club News


Happy Hour

Every Wednesday and Thursday

4 - 7pm


Open to all Faculty, Staff, Alumni and the local Community


Faculty Club Membership not required





UCSD Tours

Sundays, Year-Round at 2pm

South Gilman Information Pavilion

Cost:  Free

Walking Tours - 1st Sunday of the month

Bus Tours - Remaining Sundays of the month, excluding holidays

Reservations are required. 

Call (858) 534-4414 or visit  www.ucsdnews.ucsd.ed/tours to make your reservation.



For questions regarding the website, please contact Mary Woo, mwoonew@gmail.com