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Highlights from Our Interest Groups

Avi Set Birders


We are the Avi Set, and since avis is the latin word for bird, not surprisingly we watch, observe, and look at birds.  The great thing is that all you need is a pair of binoculars, and a willingness to get up a little early to see the beautiful birds that we share our planet with, going about their lives. We have an extraordinary diversity of birds in San Diego County, with the added excitement of the Spring & Fall migratory species.  You do not have to know a Song Sparrow from a Savanna Sparrow; we all help each other when it comes to identifying birds.  An unexpected bonus is that we visit sites all over San Diego County, and you will probably go to places you have never been before. We meet on the second Monday of the month and either car pool from La Jolla, or meet at the location.   

If you are interested in joining us please contact Liz Winant, lwinant@ucsd.edu .

Bridge, Day and Evening

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BRIDGE-BRIDGE-BRIDGE-BRIDGE  Playing bridge keeps us sharp.  At least that’s what the Oceanids' bridge players would tell you.  There is an evening couples bridge group that plays every fourth Saturday, and a daytime bridge group that plays every first and third Tuesday. Both have been thriving for almost as long as Oceanids has existed.  We play “party bridge” and the atmosphere is friendly, but there’s no one who doesn’t seriously prefer winning over losing.  Even though this is “social bridge,” we’ve all learned from each other and improved our games in the process.  The evening couples group is open to new members.  To sign up as a couple, please contact Barbara Bank at 858-484-4597 or bbank@ucsd.edu.  The daytime group could use more substitutes, and this is a good way to see if the bridge group works for you.  Please let Beate Menzel know if you’re interested , 619-401-1557 or jrblmenzel@sbcglobal.net.  And remember, playing bridge keeps those synapses firing!

Cafe Français


Among the Oceanids Interest Groups are three that feature conversing in a foreign language.  Café Français, the French conversation group, has been going strong for a number of years. Our members include native speakers, French teachers, devoted francophiles and relative beginners.  Interestingly, for several in the group French is a third or fourth language!  New members are welcome!  We meet in each other’s homes the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm.  All that’s on the agenda is munching on sweet and savory snacks and speaking French, usually in small groups.  The atmosphere is informal and friendly.  Si on aime parler français, on doit venir à notre prochaine réunion.   

Please contact Mary Hanson, mhanson@san.rr.com if you’re interested.


Hiking In and Around San Diego County


Hiking Adventures 

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning, thinking that you should really do more in the way of physical exercise?  And then wondered what to do about it?  Walking the same streets every morning can be so boring, but where to go?  And then you turned around and went back to sleep?   

I have a suggestion:  How about joining our interest group “Hiking in and around San Diego County”?  Sure, we only meet once a month, but you would be surprised how much fun a hike in the beautiful back country can be.  You might even decide to make a hike like that a weekly occurrence with friends or family.   

I recommend Jerry Schad’s Hiking Guide which will give you many extras such as best time of year for certain hikes, degree of strenuousness, length of hike and much more.  Recently we have had an influx of many foreign students and scholars and it is very interesting to chat with them as we hike.  But we keep to our standard 5-7 miles, even if they could go further.  

 For more information, please contact, Rosie/Roswitha Enright, renright@ucsd.edu




Gracious Aging

The Oceanids Gracious Aging group for folks over 80 started years ago by Ellen Revelle and Elibet Marshall is now meeting the first Monday of each month from 1 to 3 in the cottage library at the Quaker Meeting House on Eads.  We have about 5 regular attenders and a scattering of intermittent visitors.

What do we do? Last month we played hooky and went to a wonderful La Jolla Musicfest rehearsal and then lunch at the Contemporary Art Museum cafe, but generally we stay put and serve tea and the fruit, cookies and sandwiches we bring.  We talk less about aging and aches and pains and grandchildren than you would think, and more about ideas, language, travel and fun.

Sometimes we have poems or photos to share, and it is always so lovely to be with our peer group -- life at 80 or 90 is exciting, enriching, and sometimes challenging.

We are a friendly and welcoming group and with friends from Sweden, Finland, and occasionally England or Germany we are an international group as well. We also have a retired teacher of romance languages, and so are very multi-lingual.  Our older Quaker friends sometimes join us, as well as friends from the neighborhood, and we all look forward to our pleasant afternoon with friends old and new.