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Oceanids Board Members 2017-2018

Honorary Chair Chancellor's Associate Thespine Kavoulakis
President Kim Signoret-Paar
Immediate Past President Liz Bonkowsky
President Elect TBD
1st Vice Presidents Chris Chase, Olivia Dorman
2nd Vice Presidents Mary Cutchin
Recording Secretary Mary Hanson
Treasurer Jim Bunch
Financial Secretaries Liz Winant
Nominating Committee Diana Vines (cont), Maxibe Bloor(alt), Judy Vacquier, Jim Chase, Mary Cutchin, Mary Hanson
Corresponding Secretary Ruth Stern
Parliamentarian Barbara Bank
Interest Groups Coordinator Judy Vacquier
Newcomers Liz Fong Wills, Georgina Sham
Undergraduate Service Awards
Nancy Groves
Graduate Scholarships Liz Winant
Publicity and Website Mary Woo
Oceanids News Editor Roswitha Enright
    Circulation  Judy Vacquier
    Copy Editor Lucie Walther
    Folding Committee Jan Ouren, Lucie Walther, Mary Cutchin
Buildings & Grounds Mary Cutchin
Campus Focus Events Carole Ziegler
Emeriti Association Liason Maxine Bloor
Friends of International Center Mary Woo
Retirement Association Nancy Groves
Historian Maxine Bloor
Refreshments Reminder Mary Hanson
Sunshine Committee Diana Vines
Sounding Board Jan Ouren, Nellie High