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Oceanids and its members have witnessed the birth and amazing growth of UC San Diego since 1952. Many of you have been on this journey for many years and some have joined more recently.  We all share a common belief in the power of higher education, and awarding scholarships and fellowships beautifully underscores what we are about as a group, and as individuals.

Each year thanks to your gifts, our Oceanids scholarship and fellowships enable students to step out into the world with a lighter financial burden. And our program support further assists them in their endeavors.

Here is a look at $34,500 we provided  in 2018-2019

$29,500 to Scholarships/Fellowships

$5,000 to programs


Please note that each fund is linked to online giving at UCSD Foundation if you would like to make a tax deductible gift. 



3 Fellowship Endowment Funds

valued at $331,683

$9,000 awarded to

3 graduate students …

2 Undergraduate Scholarship Funds & 1 Emergency Fund

$20,500 awarded to

11 undergraduates …

Oceanids General Projects Fund

$5,000 awarded to

3 programs …

Frieda Daum Urey Fellowship (est. 1993) Supports graduate or professional school students re-entering academia after a significant hiatus.

Oceanids Undergraduate Service Award (est. 1979) $1,000 Scholarships given to undergraduates at each of the six colleges, selected by the colleges = $6,000

UC San Diego Postdoctoral Association STEM Career Symposium

$2,000 annually

Oceanids Memorial Fellowship (est. 1999) Supports graduate students who have shown evidence of giving service on campus.

Chancellor’s Scholars

$10,000  - two $5,000 scholarships given this year; one in honor of Thesine Kavoulakis for her support of Oceanids


UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic

$2,500 annually

Bertha Lebus Fellowship (est. 1997) Supports graduate students returning to the university one year or more after undergraduate degree.

Oceanids Emergency Fund for International Students (est. 2011) Utilized by Global Education to assist students - 3 students received $4,500 in 2018 - 2019

International Friday Café

brings together campus and community to explore world cultures, cuisines, gathering of students, music and more.

$500 annually



Thank you for all that you do and for being an involved member of this very impactful family.


Nigella Hillgarth, President Oceanids, nmkhillgarth@gmail.com