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Who Are We?

Oceanids is a University of California, San Diego organization and support group promoting friendship and services to the UC San Diego community.  Oceanids is open to all who are interested in UC San Diego as well as faculty, staff and active members of campus support groups and their spouses.  In particular, we shall:

Oceanids service activities include:  Undergraduate service awards, graduate fellowships, Friday Cafe, Kitchen & Baby Equipment Exchange and other service projects.  The Newcomers group welcomes and assists new members to the UC San Diego community throughout the academic year.  For more information on Newcomers, contact Liz Wills, (858) 454-6858. 

Our annual events include:  Fall Welcome Lunch, Holiday Party, Whale Watching , Desert Camping, Museum Bus Trip, Campus Focus, Theater Fund Raiser and Spring Luncheon, just to mention a few.

Interest Groups are the backbone of our Oceanids organization.  They are here to meet the many varied needs of our UC San Diego families.  If you are interested in book clubs, day trips, bird watching, practicing your French or German, wine tasting, playing bridge, join us.  For a more complete list and description of our groups, click on Interest Groups.


If you are a University scholar, researcher, staff member, visiting guest of the University or a person interested in being part of a vibrant University community, you are invited to join us.  We are located in the UC San Diego International Center.  For more information, please contact oceanids@ucsd.edu, or download a membership application.


President's Message

By the time you read this our Oceanids activities will be taking a summer break.  There are no board meetings or Sounding Board speakers, the E-bay fundraiser has wound down, and many of the Interest Groups are off for the summer.  There doesn’t seem to be much logic to which as ones continue, however. Or is there?  The French language group does appreciate “les vacances,” but the bridge players find the game the perfect vacation activity. 

For those of us who are retired, summer isn’t so different from the rest of the year.  However, we follow the academic year.  We are an official UCSD support group and our ties to the university in general and the International Center in particular are strong.  We give of our time and our money.

Carole Ziegler coordinated another successful desert camping outing for the newcomers, and Roswitha Enright includes many newcomers in her hikes.  Georgina Sham and Liz Fong Wills organize several much appreciated newcomers’ activities every year, including a whale watching trip and a baseball game.  Liz also runs the Kitchen Exchange, which helps new and temporary graduate students and faculty set up shortterm house keeping.  She could use more volunteers, so please let her know if you’re occasionally free on Wednesday mornings. 

During the 2014-2015 academic year Oceanids will award over $15000 to undergraduate and graduate students, and this does not include what we contribute to the Triton 5K fun run and the student run free clinic.  So we can take a vacation knowing that our philanthropic endeavors are making a difference.

Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll see you in the fall (unless you play bridge, in which case I’ll see you very soon.)

Mary Hanson, President, Oceanids, mhanson@san.rr.com.



  Special Announcements



4th Annual E-Bay Auction Fundraiser a Win-Win for Everyone

This was our biggest success yet,  passing our goal of $2500 and reaching almost $4000.  Many thanks to all who participated in this year's event!

Think of Oceanids while you are tidying up, and save your unwanted items for next year's auction where they will become someone else's treasure.



Oceanids 2014-2015 Board
President Mary Hanson
Immediate Past President Ruth Stern
President Elect Pending
1st Vice Presidents Barbara Bank, Diana Vines
2nd Vice President Mary Cutchin
Recording Secretary Ruth Stern
Treasurer Jan Ouren
Co-Financial Secretaries Liz Winant, Kim Siggnoret-Paar
Nominating Committee Irene Larimore (cont), Vicki Lindblade, Bev Douglas, Eila Haubrich (alt)



4th of July Picnic

UCSD International Center


Cost:  $6/adult; $3/child 2-10yrs; Infants Free!

Menu:  Hot dogs with buns and condiments, Potato Salad, Coleslaw Brownies, Watermelon, Wine and Lemonade.

You must make Reservations by June 30th!

For reservations and information, please contact Georgina gbsham@gmail.com.



What is Our Book Group Reading?

December 10    "The Lost Estate" by Henri Alain-Fournier

January 14    "Train Dreams" by Denis Johnson

February 11    "River of Shadows" by Rebecca Solnit

March 11    "The Garden of Evening Mists" by Tan Twan Eng

April 8    "Family Romance" by John Lanchester

May 13    "In the Memory of the Forest" by Charles T. Powers

June 10    TBA

July 8    Plays by Catherine Filloux

Please feel free to join us for any or all of our meetings!  We are a friendly, informal bunch who relish a lively discussion of interesting literature.  We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 9:30am.  For more information, please contact Liz  at lizwinant@gmail.com .


UCSD Tours

Sundays, Year-Round at 2pm

South Gilman Information Pavilion

Cost:  Free

Walking Tours - 1st Sunday of the month

Bus Tours - Remaining Sundays of the month, excluding holidays

Reservations are required. 

Call (858) 534-4414 or visit  www.ucsdnews.ucsd.ed/tours to make your reservation.



For questions regarding the website, please contact Mary Woo, mwoonew@gmail.com