FRG Participants

Below is a list the research collaborators working on problems related to the FRG projects.

  • Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford; PI)
  • Michael Holst (UCSD; Co-PI)
  • Jim Isenberg (Oregon; Co-PI)
  • David Maxwell (Alaska; Co-PI)

  • Ali Behzadan (UCSD; doctoral student)
  • James Dilts (Oregon; doctoral student)
  • Caleb Meier (UCSD; postdoc)
  • John Moody (UCSD; doctoral student)
  • Jeremy Leach (Stanford; doctoral student)

  • Romain Gicquaud (Tours; collaborator)
  • Alessandro Carlotto (Stanford; collaborator)
  • Lee Lindblom (Caltech/UCSD; collaborator)
  • Cang Nguyen (Tours-France student)