FRG Workshop 3 at University of Oregon (May 22-23, 2014)

The Third FRG Workshop will be held at the Institute for Theoretical Science at the University of Oregon. Information about the Workshop for FRG participants will be assembled and continually updated on this page.

Everyone seems to have hotel and travel set up, but if not let [ Jim Isenberg ] know and he can try to help.

Regarding the meeting room, Jim has reserved Room 472 of ITS (Instutute for Theoretical Sciences) for both Thursday and Friday. This room (and ITS) are located on the top floor of the Willamette Hall on the University of Oregon Campus. Here is an interactive [ Map ]

  • Rafe Mazzeo
  • David Maxwell
  • Jim Isenberg
  • Michael Holst
  • James Dilts (Oregon student)
  • Jeremy Leach (Stanford student)
  • Alessandro Carlotto (Guest - Stanford)


Thursday May 22 (Willamette 472)
  • 09:30a-10:15a: General Discussion
  • 10:30a-12:00p: Alessandro
  • 01:30p-02:30p: David
  • 03:30p-04:30p: Alessandro
Friday May 23 (Willamette 472)
  • 09:00a-10:30a: Alessandro
  • 11:00a-12:00p: James
  • 01:15p-03:00p: Wrap-Up, Planning, Annual Report Prep