FRG Kickoff Meeting at MSRI (October 7-11, 2013)

The FRG Group met for the first time together at MSRI in Fall 2013. Isenberg, Maxwell, and Holst took sabbatical leaves in Fall 2014 to participate in the Fall 2014 MSRI Program in Mathematical Relativity, which was co-organized by Isenberg. Mazzeo was a frequent visitor to MSRI during the Fall Program, and each senior member of the FRG team, as well as junior members, gave a number of both formal and informal lectures at MSRI.

One of the outcomes of the FRG meetings in the Fall was an organized plan of attack on a number of the remaining open problems inolving the conformal formulation of the Einstein constraint equations, as well as the realization that a much broader set of questions are emerging regarding the conformal method itself as a parameterization method.

Slides for the talk given by Holst at MSRI on Thursday October 10, 2013 can be found [ here ].