PCGM 30 Practical Information

List of recommended local hotels (those on top of the list are our favorites): DelMar
Contact numbers for the two hotels we recommend in Del Mar, and the two primary taxi services we use:
  • Del Mar Inn: 1-858-755-9765
  • Hotel Indigo: 1-858-755-1501
  • Yellow Cab: 1-619-234-6161
  • San Diego Cab: 1-619-226-8294

Two useful maps showing Ledden Hall (PCGM30 Lectures), AP&M (Coffee Breaks), parking, and restaurants:
  • MAP 1 showing Ledden Hall, AP&M, and Parking.
  • MAP 2 showing areas close to UCSD for Lunch and Dinner options.

  • Here is a key to both maps:
    RED = AP&M (Coffee and Registration)
    YELLOW = Ledden Hall (All PCGM30 Lectures)
    BLUE = Coste Verde (Subway, La Salsa, StarBucks, etc)
    MAROON = La Jolla Village Square (California Pizza Kitchen, etc)
    PURPLE = Univesity Town Centre (ethnic foods, StarBucks, etc)
    GREEN = La Jolla (More upscale; Piatti's Italian, etc)

Directions, parking, maps, and other useful UCSD-related information: APM
Visitor Guides to Del Mar, La Jolla, and the Greater San Diego Area: LeddenHall
The Center for Computational Mathematics in the AP&M building is next door to Ledden Auditorium.

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La Jolla Weather Forcast: