PCGM 30 Last Minute Information

Online registration for PCGM30 is now closed, and we have posted the final schedule on the PCGM30 website:


Check the posted schedule; if mistakes were made accommodating your scheduling requests please email us:


Some additional last minute information for you is as follows:
  1. All PCGM30 lectures will be held in Ledden Auditorium, as has been previously announced.
  2. Coffee/Food will be served around 10:30am and again around 3:30pm in 2402A AP&M (the building next to Ledden Auditorium, second floor).
  3. Registration will be held 8:15am-9am both days in 2402A AP&M. NOTE: We will make sure there is some coffee (and alternative caffeination) during the registration each morning, and a small amount of food, but most of the food will be put out for the two coffee breaks around 10:30am and 3:30pm each day.
  4. Coffee, Water, bagels, etc will be provided (fittingly by Einstein Brothers) for morning and afternoon coffee breaks. We will put out a little food prior to the first lecture of the day (for the truly desparate who skipped breakfast at their hotel). The food and drinks are courtesy of Mark Thiemens, the dean of the Division of Physical Sciences at UCSD. NOTE: Again, coffee and food will ALWAYS be served (both mornings and afternoons) in 2402A AP&M, which is a room on the second floor of the AP&M building; this is the building right next to Ledden Auditorium. The best way to go from one room to the other is to take the stairs on the outside of the AP&M building up one flight and enter the second floor. The 2402A room is down the hall to the right.
  5. Maps to UCSD, to the Ledden Auditorium (where the talks will be held), and to various local hotels, can be found on the practical information page.
  6. Links to numerous local hotels near UCSD can be found on the practical information page.
  7. Parking is completely open and free all day, both days of the meeting (Friday is a university holiday, Saturday is always free)
  8. The best and closest place to park is the "Muir Upper Lot" depicted just above (north of) the Applied Physics and Mathematics Building (AP&M) on the parking map appearing on the practical information page. It is about a 1 minute walk to the lecture hall from this parking lot.
  9. There is free and open wireless internet access on the entire campus; just select the "UCSD Guest" wireless network, bring up a web-browser, and follow the directions on the webpage.
  10. Attendees are on their own for lunch and dinner both days. We have allowed for 2-hour lunch breaks in the schedule so that people can take a short drive (going south) down La Jolla Village Drive where numerous local restaurants may be found. See the maps on the practical information page for routes to three local clusters of restaurants that are less than 10 minutes by car from AP&M.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since Friday is a UC System and UCSD holiday, the normal food options on campus (mostly in the Price Center) will not be available. (Our understanding is that some of them may be available Saturday.) Again, see the maps on the practical information page for routes to three local clusters of restaurants that are less than 10 minutes by car from AP&M.
We hope you all enjoy the meeting; looking forward to seeing all of you later this week in San Diego.

-michael holst, on behalf of:

Local Organizers:        Michael Holst, Melvin Leok, Caleb Meier, David Meyer, Adam Mihalik,
                                 John Moody, Jeff Rabin, David Rideout, Joe Salamon

Scientific Committee: Jim Isenberg, Michael Holst, Tom Murphy, Manuel Tiglio