Tentative Participants for GR + FEEC @UCSD Workshop (January 13-16, 2018)

Michael Holst (organizer) UC San Diego
James Dilts (organizer) UC San Diego
Ibrahim Al Balushi McGill University
Paul Allen Lewis and Clark
Douglas Arnold University of Minnesota
Ali Behzadan UC San Diego
Randolph Bank UC San Diego
Madeleine Burkhart University of Washington
Carla Cederbaum Universitat Tuebingen
Greg Galloway University of Miami
Evan Gawlik UC San Diego
Nishanth Abu Gudapati Yale University
Melvin Leok UC San Diego
Martin Licht UC San Diego
Lee Lindblom UC San Diego
David Maxwell University of Alaska Fairbanks
Daniel Pollack University of Washington
Bruno Premoselli Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Iva Stavrov Lewis and Clark
Ryan Szypowski Cal Poly Pomona
Gantumur Tsogtgerel McGill University

NOTE: We have space for about 15 people. If you are planning to come to some of the talks and are not listed above, just send a short email to [ gpde2018@ccom.ucsd.edu ] so we can plan accordingly.