Tentative Schedule for GR + FEEC @UCSD Workshop (January 13-16, 2018)

NOTE: All Talks will be held in 2402 AP&M.

Saturday January 13:
09:30a-10:30aEvan Gawlik
10:30a-11:30aMelvin Leok
11:30p-02:00pLunch in La Jolla
02:00p-03:00pMartin Licht
03:00p-04:00pCarla Cederbaum
04:00p-05:00pDoug Arnold
05:00p-...Discussion finshing up with Dinner in Del Mar

Sunday January 14:
-------------No Scheduled Talks (Room 2402 will be available for anyone's use)

Monday January 15:
09:30a-10:30aBruno Premoselli
10:30a-11:30aGantumur Tsogtgerel
11:30a-12:30pAli Behzadan
12:30p-02:30pLunch in La Jolla
02:30p-03:30pLee Lindblom
03:30p-04:30pJames Dilts
04:30p-05:30pPaul Allen
05:30p-...Discussion finshing up with Dinner in Del Mar