RTG-CCoM Doctoral Students

The Center for Computational Mathematics (http://ccom.ucsd.edu/) in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego invites applications for researchers pursing doctoral degrees in mathematics, to be funded under a NSF Research Training Group (RTG) grant. Applicants should be current and prospective doctoral students in the UCSD mathematics department, with interests aligned with one or more of the five focus projects: (i) new algorithms for parallel computation with adaptive multilevel finite elements; (ii) optimization with ordinary or partial differential equation constraints; (iii) structure-preserving numerical methods for field theories and interconnected systems; (vi) geometric numerical methods for applications in mathematical physics; and (v) numerical methods for quantum computation. The doctoral advisor would be one or more of the faculty RTG participants. These positions include research funding for two years, with additional support provided by a teaching assistantship in the mathematics department. Interested students not currently at UCSD should apply through the normal UCSD graduate application website. Interested students already enrolled in the UCSD mathematics doctoral program should contact one of the RTG faculty. Additional information about the RTG can be found at http://ccom.ucsd.edu/~rtg