Tentative Participants for FEEC + AFEM @UCSD Workshop (January 14-25, 2013)

Randolph Bank UC San Diego
Yuri Basilevs UC San Diego
Long Chen UC Irvine
Snorre Christiansen University of Oslo
Blanca Ayuso de Dios CRM Barcelona
Andrew Gillette UC San Diego
James Hall UC San Diego
Michael Holst UC San Diego
Melvin Leok UC San Diego
Adam Mihalik UC San Diego
Jeff Ovall University of Kentucky
Sara Pollock UC San Diego
Joe Salamon UC San Diego
Ryan Szypowski Cal Poly Pomona

NOTE: We have space for about 15 people. If you are planning to come to some of the talks and are not listed above, just send a short email to [ gpde2013@ccom.ucsd.edu ] so we can plan accordingly.