Poster Presentations

  • Alex Castro, UCSC, Geometric Mechanics and Cauchy-Riemann Geometry
  • Francois Demoures, EPFL, AVIs for Thin Plates
  • Sohan Dharmaraja, Stanford, Time Integrators Based on Discontinuous Hamiltonians
  • Stevan Dubljevic, University of Alberta, Discrete mechanics optimal control (DMOC) and model predictive control (MPC) synthesis for reaction-diffusion process systems
  • Evan Gawlik, Caltech, Complex Fluid Simulations
  • Henry Jacobs, Caltech, Interconnection of Lagrange-Dirac Dynamical Systems for Circuits
  • Tomoki Ohsawa, Michigan, Discrete Hamilton-Jacobi Theory and Discrete Optimal Control
  • Molei Tao, Caltech, How to choose friction and noise for accelerated sampling?
  • Etienne Vouga, Columbia, Applications of Structured Integration to Physical Simulation