2020 Winter Workshop on Optimization, Differential Equations, and Data Analysis

January 18 - 19, 2020 @ UC San Diego

Important Info
  • AP&M Room 2402

This workshop will feature a series of expository talks by UCSD postdocs and faculty on the fundamentals of optimization, differential equations, and data analysis. Topics will include the formulation of advanced optimization algorithms, numerical methods for solving differential equations, and data analysis. The workshop is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students. Grant funding is available for travel and lodging for US citizens, US permanent residents, and US nationals. Under-represented minorities and women are particularly encouraged to register for the workshop. There are no registration fees for this workshop.

Please use our registration form to register for the conference. Applications for grant funding should be directed to us at rtg20@ccom.ucsd.edu. Grant funding is only available to US citizens, permanent residents, and nationals.

  • Randolph Bank
  • Alexander Cloninger
  • Philip Gill
  • Michael Holst
  • Melvin Leok
  • David Meyer

The organizers are thankful for the generous support from the NSF Research Training Group (RTG) Award, which allows us to keep the workshop registration free.