This is an example of WEBGUI's appearance. Here WEBGUI is providing a Graphical User Interface for Randolph Bank's PLTMG 12.0 (a PDE solver). Normally all user input from this GUI is sent to PLTMG running on the server machine and all output from PLTMG is sent to this GUI. However, currently PLTMG is not running on the server. Therefore this is only an example of appearance and not operation.

Nonetheless, you can open drop down menus above, rotate the plot to the right, and zoom the bottom right plot. The plot to the right is the solution of -Laplace u = 1 on the unit circle with interesting boundary conditions. The plot below is solution convergence information and the plot in the bottom right is the domain's hp triangle mesh.

In an operational example, each button above would execute a procedure of PLTMG and text output would display here and graphical output would display in one of the three display panes.