Raina Borum

NanoEngineering Major & Mathematics Minor at University of California, San Diego

Contact Information

E-mail:  rborum@ucsd.edu

I am an undergraduate research student for Professor Yi Chen and Professor Michael Holst.

RESEARCH: I am currently studying Distribution Theory for applications in engineering and physics under Professor Holst in the Mathematics Department. We hope to establish results concerning regularity of elliptic partial differential equations for weak solutions in fractional order Sobolev spaces. My primary interest in mathematics is the study of partial differential equations for a deeper, comprehensive understanding of physical phenomena and performance in engineered systems.

I primarily study DNA nanotechnology under Professor Chen for medical applications in the NanoEngineering Department. I am exploring the viability of DNA Origami nanostructures as drug delivery vectors for cancer. Specifically, the feasibility of viral-loaded DNA Origami with further targeting capabilities. I am also studying piezoelectric nanostructures for cardio/neurotherapeutical motivated applications.

INTERESTS: DNA Nanotechnology is perhaps one of the most rapidly developing platforms for self-assembled, structurally arbitrary, dynamic, and nanoscaled biodevices and systems. I enjoy considering nucleic acid's employment in electromagnetic systems. In particular, viable nucleic acid systems that involve rational integration of dielectric materials. Electromagnetic nucleic acid nanosystems may hold promise in novel applications, including, though not limited to, biocomputing, recording and nanomedicine.