PCGM 26 Scientific Program (UCSD, March 26-27, 2010)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Session I (Chair: Michael Holst, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Breakfast and Registration 8:00 9:00
Michael Holst UC San Diego Welcome and Announcements 9:00 9:05
Gary Horowitz UC Santa Barbara Holographic superconductors 9:05 9:20
Tomas Andrade UC Santa Barbara Comments on Holography and Diffeomorphism Invariance 9:20 9:35
Ian A Morrison UC Santa Barbara The IR stability of de Sitter 9:35 9:50
Dinesh Singh University of Regina Effects of Space-Time Curvature on Spin-1/2 Particle Zitterbewegung 9:50 10:05
Coffee Break 10:05 10:45

Session II (Chair: Lee Lindblom, Caltech)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Joseph Betzwieser Caltech Searching for Continuous Gravitational Waves with coherent methods 10:45 11:00
Vladimir Dergachev Caltech All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves with PowerFlux 11:00 11:15
Pinkesh Patel Caltech Search for continuous gravitational waves from a nearby neutron star 11:15 11:30
Mark Bennett University of Melbourne Continuous-wave gravitational radiation from pulsar glitch recovery 11:30 11:45
Antony Searle Caltech Multi-messenger astronomy with transient gravitational wave sources 11:45 12:00
Michael Cohen Caltech Searches for Cosmic String Gravitational-Wave Bursts in Mock LISA Data 12:00 12:15
Lunch 12:15 2:15

Session III (Chair: Melvin Leok, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Michael Holst UC San Diego Solution of the Einstein constraint equations on manifolds with boundary 2:15 2:30
Jim Isenberg University of Oregon Gluing Initial Data Sets at Asymptopia 2:30 2:45
Xianghui Luo University of Oregon Future Global Stability of Cosmological Models with Scalar and Electromagnetic Fields 2:45 3:00
Jeff Winicour University of Pittsburgh Disembodied Boundary Data for Einstein's Equations 3:00 3:15
Hector H. Calderon Idaho State University Towards a new definition of singularity 3:15 3:30
Coffee Break 3:30 4:00

Session IV (Chair: Steve Carlip, UC Davis)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Michael Kesden Caltech Spin alignment during black hole inspirals 4:00 4:15
David Nichols Caltech A Hybrid Approximation Technique for Head-on Black-Hole-Binary Mergers 4:15 4:30
Marc Favata Caltech Comparisons between post-Newtonian and self-force calculations 4:30 4:45
Ned S. Rasor Consultant Quasi-Newtonian Dynamics and Universal Expansion 4:45 5:00
Franklin Felber Starmark, Inc. New exact time-dependent solution of Einstein's equation 5:00 5:15

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Session V (Chair: Gary Horowitz, UC Santa Barbara)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Breakfast and Registration 8:00 9:00
Steven Carlip UC Davis A nonextremal Kerr/CFT correspondence 9:00 9:15
Marcus Afshar UC Davis Quasilocal Energy in FRW Cosmology 9:15 9:30
Reiko Toriumi UC Irvine Quantum Gravity and Cosmological Density Perturbations 9:30 9:45
Joseph Smidt UC Irvine New Constraints On The Primordial Non-Gaussianity Parameters τNL and gNL 9:45 10:00
Krzysztof Bolejko University of Arizona Inhomogeneous cosmology: from dark energy to homogenization of the Universe 10:00 10:15
Coffee Break 10:15 11:00

Session VI (Chair: Rana Adhikari, Caltech)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Douglas Singleton CSU Fresno Hawking-like radiation in a FRW Universe 11:00 11:15
Paolo Bonifacio University of Aberdeen Spacetime conformal fluctuations and quantum dephasing 11:15 11:30
Shau-Yu Lan UC Berkeley Atom Interferometry in Fundamental Physics 11:30 11:45
Michael Hohensee UC Berkeley Matter Waves for Gravitational Wave Detection 11:45 12:00
Cheong Chan UC Berkeley Atom Interferometric Measurement of Newton's Constant 12:00 12:15
Lunch 12:15 2:15

Session VII (Chair: David Meyer, UC San Diego)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
Bela Szilagyi Caltech Spectral Numerical Simulations of High-spin Binary Black Hole Mergers 2:15 2:30
Mark Scheel Caltech Spectral Numerical Simulations of Unequal-Mass Binary Black Hole Mergers 2:30 2:45
Jeff Kaplan Caltech Simulations of Neutron-Star Binaries using SpEC 2:45 3:00
Tony Chu Caltech Estimating gauge errors in numerical waveforms 3:00 3:15
Fan Zhang Caltech Gauge Independent Tetrad for Numerical Waveform Extraction 3:15 3:30
Keith D. Matthews Caltech Quasi-Equilibrium Initial Data For Simulations of Generic Black-Hole Binaries in Harmonic Coordinates 3:30 3:45
Coffee Break 3:45 4:15

Session VIII (Chair: Jim Isenberg, University of Oregon)

Name Organization Talk Begin End Student
GGR Student Talk Award    (Winners: Jeff Kaplan and Pinkesh Patel) 4:15 4:20
Nicholas Taylor Caltech Second order in space spectral methods for numerical relativity 4:20 4:35
Lee Lindblom Caltech A Spectral Approach to the Relativistic Inverse Stellar Structure Problem 4:35 4:50
Rana Adhikari Caltech New directions for the GW Inteferometers 4:50 5:05