MATH 10A Fall 2008

MWF 1pm- 1:50pm Center 115 (Fourth (Exam) Hour: Monday 7pm to 8:20pm Center 115)

Finals Exam:

  •  My Office Hours: T 3:30pm- 4:30pm (by appointment only), MWF 5-6pm APM 5848  
  •  TA Office Hours:
    • Patrick: ( Thursday 10-11:50 APM 6351, Monday 4pm-4:50pm APM Basement B402 (Calc Lab) and Friday 10am-10:50am (Calc Lab)
    • Michele: ( Thursday 3-4pm Rm 6351, 4-5pm (Calc Lab)

  • Answer key to even numbered problems
  • College Algebra Review
  • Course syllabus, course calendar, homework exercises, old exams, etc:
  • Have a good break!